"My work is my life; it is about hearts made up with colors."

- Claudia Betancur, celebrity make-up artist

Some words about Claudia Betancur

Claudia is an artist, but unlike most artists, she does not paint on top of a blank canvas. When interviewed about what she does, Claudia starts by pointing out that each face is already beautiful. She describes her work as to simply bring out the unique, beautiful traits while disguising the imperfections, thus revealing the potential beauty behind every one of her subjects' faces. 

Even though she has been living in Miami for the past seven years, Claudia's origins and childhood belong to Colombia. Today she keeps a close tie to her "paisas" and Latin America, continuously seeking ways to give back to her community.  

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Some of Claudia's clients

  • Thalia
  • Adamari Lopez
  • Loren Ridinger
  • Eva Longoria
  • Maite Peroni
  • Danna Garcia
  • Chiquinquira Delgado
  • Ednita Nazario
  • Karla Monroig
  • Karen Martinez

Latest Posts 

  • Blog coming soon.

    Claudia will soon start to post articles about her experience and tips for the general public, but there are none published at the moment. If you are interested in Claudia's expertise, feel free to send her an email with your questions or comments using the form inside the Contact page. Those inquiries will help her find areas of interest to talk about in this blog.

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